Prey Movie Review

Prey Movie review

I am going to do this review a little differently. I am simply going to list my pros and cons in bullet point format then add a conclusion.


  • Beautiful cinematography
  • Great soundtrack
  • Great sound
  • Great action scenes
  • Great pacing
  • Decent storyline
  • Best Predator since the original
  • Good acting (some actors)


  • Some woke messaging ,ie., men are bad, but white men are especially bad. Also, 100 lb. little girls can kick everyone’s ass they just haven’t been permitted to yet. I think we are on like year 14 of that premise in Hollywood now.
  • I mentioned good acting above. I have some scruples with how the young girl rolled her eyes, spoke sardonically, and acted like a 2022 teen-ager and not how she would have acted in 1716 (or 1985 for that matter). She was still a good actress just needed to be directed better.
  • CGI was bad. The main animals like the bears and lions looked really fake. I thought we had come further than that with CGI in movies.

In summation I believe the movie overall was good. It kept me entertained from the jump and had real meat on the bones as they say. I was able to look past the woke messaging and enjoy the film because there really was a lot there to enjoy. Final rating is 78% on Baldy Potatoes.

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