About Us

Really this page should be called “about me” since its just one guy (me) watching and rating these movies. I don’t claim to be a professional reviewer or think my opinion is any more valid than the next guy. No. The way this all started was the fact that I kept a spreadsheet of movies that I watched and a score based of what I thought about the movie for years. This helped me remember which movies I liked in case I wanted to watch them again. It also helped me avoid ones I disliked down the road.

I would have a few friends ask me for the top recommended movies from my list from time to time so instead of keeping it private I decided to buy a domain name and make it public.

These ratings and reviews are based on what I thought of each film and I am totally aware that I, like everyone on Earth, have biases. Perhaps one day if this thing ever receives an injection of capital we can open it up for visitors to leave their own reviews/ratings.


All movies listed have been watched or re-watched since 2017. I don’t include ratings from a movie I liked 20 or 30 years ago. Movies that I thought were the best ever made as a kid don’t always hold up well over time. I can/will also adjust scores over time if I end up re-watching a movie. If that movie has a written review, I will add a note at the bottom about the revision.

Thanks and please enjoy the site. Hope I can help you avoid some real stinkers and find some diamonds in the rough!

If you like what I’m doing and want to support the site please feel free to send me a tip by clicking here

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