Cobra Movie Review

cobra 1986 movie review

Cobra is one of those movies that we all know is pretty bad if you look at it from a critical standpoint. But it has just the right amount of nostalgia, over the top cheesiness, and awkwardness to where many of us think it is so bad that it is actually good.

Cobra has been lampooned by many different critics and entertainment shows over the years and even by Stallone himself on Saturday Night Live. Still, I find myself watching this movie every four or five years for the entertainment value alone. The very opening scene itself is the best scene in the movie and is, as far as I’m concerned, one of my favorite action scenes of all time. “You’re the disease and I’m the cure.”

cobra movie reviewThe Montage starring Brigitte Nielsen and some corny looking robots has to be one of the worst scenes and movie history. So you can already see how this movie is a self-contained oxymoron.

I rate this movie with a disclaimer that states this: “I don’t believe the movie is great by any means.  But it is a hell of an entertaining movie and that has to count for something. I can’t help but to assign this movie a positive score based on my own prejudices.”

There are some really sloppy movie making mistakes such as when Stallone rips the guy’s shirt that parked in his parking space and you can actually see the actors microphone taped to his chest. Still, I give this movie a 79 potatoes on baldy potatoes.

There is a whole backstory to this movie which is very interesting. The movie production company threw everything they had at it as they were fledgling and trying not to go under. You can read more about that story here


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