U-571 Movie Review

U-571 movie review

I remember watching this when it first came out over 20 years ago. It was one of Matthew McConaughey’s first real starring roles. Just like the young officer he portrays in the movie, he lives up to the challenge. Like all movies added to the Baldy Potatoes database, I must watch it recently in order to rate it add it to the site. This helps eliminate nostalgia and other memory based biases. Would this movie hold up 23 years later?

I have always had a soft-spot for submarine movies. The claustrophobia, the teamwork, the us-vs-them of it all. U-571 did not disappoint. Yes, the movie is littered with foreshadowing and the occasional overacted scene, but for the most part this thing is very solid. Even Bill Paxton (RIP), who is always Bill Paxton in every movie he is in, played a convincing naval officer. Luckily for us there was not too much of him in this movie. No, this was Matthew McConaughey’s vehicle to ride.

This story is the re-telling (and obvious embellishing) of the U.S. Navy securing the Enigma device during WW2. This device was a big part of the Allied Victory over the Axis powers nearly 80 years ago.

If you like action, WW2 history, submarines, or military movies this one is definitely right up your alley. Even if you saw it two decades ago I suggest you watch it again. You will not be disappointed. I give it 85 potatoes (out of 100) on Baldy Potatoes and certify it as a delicious crispy potato.

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