They Come Knocking

They Come Knocking – 2019

They come knocking reviewWe watched this movie only because the critics had it in the 70’s on RT. But the public had it in the 40’s-50 range. This has been a reoccurring theme as of late. And just like the other times this has happened the general public was more accurate. Unfortunately, they were not accurate enough because this movie was a stink bomb.

This movie had no intricacies. It felt like a college student film. The acting was mediocre at best and it used every standard horror movie theme and cliche. “We will get you out of there” or something similar was said to the people locked in the camper. They didn’t have to worry about this. The next morning not only does the head idiot come out of the camper, he walks away for hours leaving his two young daughters behind.

This thing was just milquetoast nonsense and there is not a clear cut reason why the goblins, or whatever they were, are even there. But when you find out what makes them go away , it will leave you scratching your head. That is, if you are desperate enough to even watch this turd.

We give this movie a 15% rating. It’s bad. It’s a rotting potato, one with all those little roots sticking out of it.

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