Mid-Century Movie Review

Notice the names don’t even match up with the people. What a sh-t show.

Some people may wonder why even write a review of a horror movie because they may think that they are all cheesy and bad but that is simply not the case. There are some really good horror movies out there which have solid stories and acting. Unfortunately, Mid-Century is not one of these films.

The movie had some really interesting ideas. I mean I have never seen a horror movie centered around a villain who is an architectural genius. Other than a few interesting ideas the movie is a dud and here are some of the things I hated about it:

  1. Shot weird like a soap opera. It had some very cheesy looking shots and angles.
  2. Acting was not the best. There were some pretty bad acting moments in this. Scenes they should have kept trying until they got it right.
  3. Woke Themes. I don’t know if you know this but old white men are bad. I mean like really bad. And the 1950’s were pure sexism forcing women to stay home and make babies. And now, men are whiny little babies that beg for their wives to give up their promising career to start a family. Oh and men are all cheaters. They basically just suck and are dumb.
  4. Illogic. Just leave the freaking house! The guy hangs out in the house even after he starts seeing ghosts and sh-t. He will pay for being an idiot. Then at the end, the main woman hangs around waiting for the cops to show up when she knows there may be a creepy killer walking around. Just get in your car and leave! Also, the house is way to small for how big they tried to make it feel. You can throw a rock in the front window and hit everyone inside.

This movie had an interesting enough premise that, if done correctly, could have been good. However, it just kind of sucked. I give Mid-Century a score of 33% on Baldy Potatoes and I am introducing a new scoring mechanism to go along with this one: The eye roll factor. This is a score based on how many times I Iiterally rolled my eyes while watching it. There is no limit to this score. I estimate that I rolled my eyes around a dozen times in this one. So in summary:

Mid-Century (2022) Movie Review & Rating

  • Score: 33%
  • Eye Rolls: 12

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