The Northman Review

The Northman Movie review

The purpose of a good movie is to transport you from where you are siting into its place and time. If this statement is true than The Northman is a good movie because it does just that.

Although the premise is simply a revenge story, it takes plenty of little twists and turns and has some very unique content. In this review I simply want to assign a % to each facet and arrive at the overall score by averaging them out.

Story: 95%
Acting: 90%
Direction: 92%
Set & Costume: 95%
Editing & Flow: 80%

Final Score: 90%

As you can see the weakest part of the movie is the editing and/or flow. There is no way to tell if the editor is responsible or if they were just working with what they were given. Or if they were told to trim it way down (This is my guess) but at some points in the movie you end up somewhere and are not really exactly sure how you got there. Ex. A chat with a psychic medium and a minute later the main character is in an underground room fighting an ancient beast for a sword. More information about this room and how he knew it was there would have helped. This happens a couple times in the movie.

Overall, this movie is very entertaining, very well made and acted. I really enjoyed it.

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