The Courier – 2020

The Courier Movie review

I watched this movie last night and to be honest I probably would have never found it if I weren’t looking searching “spy movies” in particular. Spy movies are an itch I get from time to time and The Courier was the perfect scratch.

Set during the the most intense moment in the adversarial relationship between the United States and the USSR, the Courier tells the story of a simple salesman who is recruited by MI-6 and the CIA to help them spy on the Ruskies. The story is based on factual events.

Overall, the movie is shot beautifully, is paced well and is superbly acted. This movie is a visual work of art. The set pieces, costume, political backdrop, all of it is accurate. Benedict Cumberbatch is brilliant in this and so is his co-star Merab Ninidez.

You can feel the tension in many spots as the protagonists are smuggling documents from the USSR. The villains are well casted and the actors do an excellent job and are very believable. The co-stars are all very good.

I have read Nikita Khrushchev’s autobiography and have studied this period in history intensely. Everything lined up with what I have read and studied on these topics.

I don’t have many complaints about this film. It may have run just a tad long. But that is about it. It was a fantastic film. I give it 90% on the Baldy Meter.


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