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For Heaven’s Sake (1926)

Ever watch a silent movie? They can actually be quite enjoyable. Especially the digitally remastered ones where they look quite crisp and clear. It’s like a time capsule where you can see how society acted and thought a hundred years ago. Many of these movies are right about an hour long so they really move along.

This one starts off with words on the screen that say “Every city has two districts — Uptown, where the people are cursed with money — and Downtown, where they are cursed without it.” You can already see the humor in the opening frames. If you don’t mind reading subtitles, I suggest giving this one a try. It was quite entertaining.

Rating: 76/100 Potatoes

Romeo is Bleeding (1993)

Gary Oldman is a brilliant actor. I cannot name anything he is bad in. Can you? He is great in this movie as well. And this movie had greatness potential. However, it fell a little short of great.

It started by having a great neo-noir feel to it but sort of deteriorated into something else. Still, I loved the narration explaining the character’s internal monologue. The story had some holes and logic leaps but nonetheless was entertaining from start to finish. The ending was a little confusing. I will say this is a decent movie with unrealized potential. Remove Gary Oldman and it is an average movie at best.

Rating: 74/100 Potatoes

What Lies Beneath

Year: 2000

This movie stars screen legends Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer and was directed by none other than the magic man himself, Robert Zemeckis. On the surface, with the names attached, this should have been a great movie. I wasn’t expecting much because I quickly looked at some ratings before watching. They were all at about 5/10 or 6/10 ish. But, I was in the mood for something creepy and figured I would take one for the team if it turned out to be a bad.

I will use a series of questions and answers to make this review short and sweet.

  • Was this a great movie? No
  • Was this a bad movie? No
  • Was it creepy at times? Yes
  • Did it seem to run too long? Absolutely
  • How was the acting? Decent
  • Was it worth watching? Once

Final Baldy Potato Rating: 67

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