Recently Added Movies to Database and Quick Review

On this page I am going to include a quick review of the most recent movies added to my database.

Burn After Reading – 2007 – 81 Potatoes

I saw this when it first came out and remember not being overly impressed with it. I remember it being a bit of a let down because it was a Coen Brothers movie and I had come to expect so much from them. I recently re-watched this movie and enjoyed it much more this time. When I went into it with fresh eyes and not expectations I found it to a pretty entertaining movie. It’s not a multi-level masterpiece like some of their other films but it does its job to entertain you.

Slow West – 2015 – 80 Potatoes

The name of this movie is enough to dissuade many people. It could be mistaken for a slow movie but it is not. There is plenty of action and tension. Michael Fassbender is good. The actor who plays the kid is good as well. I really am a sucker for westerns and frontier movies. I enjoyed this movie.

Breakdown – 1997 – 80 Potatoes

I remember watching this when it came out 25 years ago and enjoying it. I had not seen it since then and wondered how it would hold up. Well, it held up just fine. There is plenty of intrigue in this Kurt Russel action movie and J.T. Walsh always delivers as the “heavy”. It has that 90’s thriller feel to it and other than a few little flubs was a solidly acted and edited movie. Great pop corn flick!

Payback – 1999 – 85 Potatoes

Again, another 90’s action flick and one in which I saw a long time ago. I enjoyed it back then but really enjoyed it this time. This is Mel Gibson doing what he did best back then, playing the unhinged overly-determined character. When he is double-crossed by his partner and wife he will move Heaven and Earth to get his $70,000 and will not accept a penny less (or more). The other actors were really great. They included William Devane, Gregg Henry & James Coburn being the best. I thoroughly enjoyed this revenge/ dark comedy flick.

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