Manhunter 1986

This beautiful work of art is dripping with 80’s cheese. If you are a fan of the old Miami Vice or the Silence of the Lambs movies you will dig this one. That’s because Michael Mann directed this movie (and he also directed first season of Miami Vice). You will pick up on all of his trademark shots and keyboard synthesizer music.

This movie is the first crack at “Red Dragon”, one of the books written by author Thomas Harris. In my opinion this is the second best film adaption of his work behind the Oscar Winning Silence of the Lambs. But this movie definitely has its very own identity. Even though it does feel low budget and I actually thought it was made-for-television when I first saw it, it really is a masterpiece.

I recommend watching it multiple times and watching clips , like the one found below on Youtube, to fully appreciate the cinematography and direction.

Brian Cox as Hannibal Lecter , Tom Noonan as the Red Dragon and Dennis Farina as Jack Crawford are standout performances.

88% on Baldy Potatoes.

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