Boss Level 2021 Short Movie Review

When you read the description of this movie about how the guy has to start every day over again, you may think to yourself that it has been done several times before. Groundhog Day (1993) and Edge of Tomorrow (2014) probably come to mind. But I must tell you, this is an entirely fresh take on that premise. In fact, it is much like a video game where when your character dies you get to start over and try again. And it was designed that way, hence the title of the movie.

I usually give movies 15 minutes to see if they pique my interest or not and this one will get you hooked pretty much from the start.

Although there is bad blood and a few other cgi effects which look really terrible, there are some really great special effects and stunts too. I cannot stress enough how much it would be worth to filmmakers if they reverted back to using real squibs and blood packets instead of blood cgi. It looks so much better to the viewer. Blood CGI looks cheap and fake. But I digress.

The lead character in this movie is likable and the villain is well played by none other than Mel Gibson. There is a ton of gore and violence in this so if you have a kid living at home it may be a good idea to keep them away from this one until they are in their teens.

Overall, it is very well made, the story holds up and the plot holes are very small. I have rated this movie 85% on baldy potatoes. You can watch it on HULU

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