Aquaman Movie Review

I am not a fan of reviewing or watching these huge budget super hero movies. They usually crawl up their own a$$ with cgi and are way too long. After hearing good things about Aquaman for 5 years, I finally gave in and watched it. Here is what I thought.

I’m sort of torn on this one because it is definitely totally reliant on CGI. Much of the CGI was pretty good but some of it was jenky too. Some of the movements are noticeably unnatural. Another thing that kills me about these movies is just because a regular human guy is in a steel suit of armor, doesn’t mean he can fall on his face from four stories and just get back up. His body would be shattered on the inside. (Iooking at you too Ironman).

The story arch was good. You have to love any story where empires are teaming up and fighting other empires. Royal kingdoms vs other royal kingdoms. You have “The chosen one” theme mixed in here as well. These tales are as old as literature itself. They didn’t invent anything new with this movie but simply moved it underwater.

Jason Momoa is a likeable actor. He definitely has charisma. You have Nicole Kidman and Willem Dafoe featured in this one too. They are always solid in almost every roll they take on. Temuera Morrison, who starred in one of my all time favorite movies called Once Were Warriors, plays Aquaman’s dad. He is a great actor. I thought Patrick Wilson was good too. He has carved out quite the career for himself. Amber Heard wasn’t bad. She had some good moments and some not so good. There were a few scenes they should have reshot.

I probably rolled my eyes about 8 times while watching this movie. Still, it was mostly entertaining. When I watch a movie I want to feel like I am being transported into someone else’s world and this movie did that for me.

The run time is entirely too long. I broke it up into two separate nights of viewing. I give this movie 70/100 potatoes. It’s decent but I will probably never watch it again.

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