Annabelle Comes Home Review

annabelle comes home review
Annabelle comes home but I think she should have stayed away

The previous Annabelle movies were surprisingly good. This one however was not. Gone for much of the movie are the regular cast members Vera Farminga and Patrick Wilson. Instead we get three young actresses who despite their best efforts, come off a little flat.

Scenes from the movie look much too “movie-ish” and appear like they are directly from a ride at “Halloween Horror Nights” or MGM Hollywood Studios.

The room full of haunted items just isn’t scary at all. And we are supposed to believe these girls wouldn’t just run from the house the very second they see a ghost?

But wait, there is a very un-scary looking CGI werewolf outside. So maybe that would be a bad idea to leave. Unless you have a cheap wooden acoustic guitar. That seems to defeat the monster. DUMB

25% on Baldy tomatoes. There were a couple of scares but mostly was a dud.

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